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By Andy, Apr 26 2016 10:03AM

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Mar 16 2020 01:34PM by christine ward

some of us from the group have a wassup group chat if anyone wants to join us u are welcome it just away of asking people how they are it wasnt my idea but its very use full to be able to be in contact with other members of the widows

Mar 16 2020 02:07PM by Lorna

That’s great chris and somthing else we could do is phone friend line for those not on the net or things like what’s app Twitter etc any views would be so welcome. I have spoken to the management ofthefox and hounds and they are more than happy to keep us seats Wednesday lunch and Saturday evening. As said at all members own discretion, keep safe and well all.

Mar 16 2020 02:31PM by Angela

Another way of keeping in touch is FaceTime with people with an iPad and Skype with those who have a tablet. Whats App is great for messaging but with the other two, you can talk face to face. We’ll get through this but it’s going to take time

Mar 25 2020 07:37AM by Lorna

Morning all hope your well,this is hard being self isolated and a very nervous time. Some of our members are on what’s app but for anyone that’s not you can still use this page to keep in touch,takecare all.

Mar 27 2020 11:54AM by Sue Roberts

So glad that when I started to go grey i stayed "au naturel". My poor next door neighbour has her roots and highlights done regularly and is panicking!! As mine's curly it doesn't grow down and long it grows out and wide. It wasn't so bad when it was dark red but now I am grey i fear looking like Meryl Streep in "into the woods".
Shall I tell you a funny?? My son sent me a Mother's day card saying " If mothers were bogies I'd pick you!!". Wonder from whom he inherits his sense of humour!!! Thanks to everyone posting on here. It's great for those who don't have smart phones. Keep smiling folks. It can't be for ever!! Lots of love and yes aren't the NHS staff wonderful? Sue

Mar 27 2020 03:56PM by brian furze

hope you all were out clapping it was like a mad house aroung here with people cheering and banging things i did my effort i had the car hazard lights going and was blowing the horn as well only way to be heard with all the racket hope you are keeping safe see you all again have fun in the sun brian

Mar 27 2020 04:30PM by Angela

I was disgusted last night as nobody around here was out, only me.
At least we have the sunshine which helps to keep things a bit more cheerful. We will get through this but it’s going to be quite a while. Keep well & smiling all

Mar 29 2020 05:28AM by Albert

Hi everyone thought I'd better touch base, hope all our members and there family's are well. I'm well, slowly getting over my bad back and with the help of my trusty walking stick venturing out, (it was my dad's kindly provided some weeks ago by Lorna who is it's custodian so I better not mislay it.) Not going veey far as yet so government orders will put it on hold for now.couldnt get my haircut before the lockdown as I couldn't really walk very far, so now I'm just going to grow it long + a white beard, get my self a long white robe and become a high priest. Enough of me then, as I said hope you and yours are well, and remember, the darkest hour is just before dawn. God bless the group, ten years old today. Take care.

Mar 30 2020 07:38AM by lindajb

Hi Albert - great to hear from you and to hear you are improving.It's hard for those of us who are isolated on our own -much easier if you are a couple or a family. But we need to keep ourselves busy and try to stay positive - at least we are in our own homes and not stuck on a cruise ship or abroad. Thanks for quoting the Mamas and Papas - 'dedicated to the one I love' - very apt for all of us. I can't believe that 10 years have gone by since we used to sit in the Masons Arms in that little corner. We have come such a long way since then and we mustn't let this terrible situation derail us. Take care everybody and please post on here to let us know you are ok. Thinking of you all. Stay safe xx

Mar 30 2020 08:33AM by Angela

Hi Everybody
Hope all are well and managing to keep their spirits up. I think with all the comments about hair, when we are able to get together again, I will bring my camera and take photos for posterity. The only positive thing is that we are not going towards the winter, and hopefully it will soon get warmer and at least we can be in the garden in the fresh air. Take care all

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