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By Andy, Apr 26 2016 10:03AM

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Oct 18 2019 03:12PM by Lorna

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR .Welsh widows and widowers will no longer be meeting at the Three Arches Llanishen Cardiff at 12pm on Wednesday.Our lunchtime meeting will move to a new venue.THE FOX AND HOUNDS old church road Whitchurch Cardiff CF14 1AD. The first meeting at the new venue will be. Wednesday 23rd October. . ABOUT THE NEW VENUE. .The distance by car from the last venue is 2.1 miles (8 min) it is on a bus and train route has disabled parking and disabled facilities along with ample parking.The fox and hounds is a large light and airy venue and is a BRAINS BREWERY OUTLET and opens at 11.30 each day and so does not offer a breakfast menu but clients are offered a varied menu,specials board and all ages can select from the children’s menu,when the weather permits there is a beer garden. I have managed to secure the function area that is elevated but not secluded sits approximately 25 people but has seating for many more just underneath and so all of our group can sit in very close proximity.Myself and Linda will be ringing some of our members to help spread the news of the changes.The management of the Three Arches have been informed of the termination of our Wednesday meeting in person by myself. .DISCLAIMER. The website of WELSHWIDOWS AND WIDOWERS is an open site and so can be viewed by the general public, I therefore request that our members do not post any related comments on our site as this can lead to WELSHWIDOWS AND WIDOWERS group being put into disrepute. .If you feel you need to speak to me please call me on 07749542858. .Lorna.

Dec 22 2019 08:30AM by lindajb

Hi Everyone - a big thanks to the few stalwarts who turn up on Saturday night to support me with the events. To everyone else - if you are meeting up in a group please can you let us know so that we can join you! Let's remember that the main purpose of the group is to welcome new members and to provide some support to existing members who do not have anywhere else to go and who are on their own. Take care everyone and enjoy Christmas and New Year if you can. To anyone out there on their own please join us next year - you will be very welcome.

Dec 22 2019 07:45PM by Heather

In case anyone is interested Big Mac are at The Earl Haig on Friday 13 March 2020. You can order tickets online. A few of us have tickets already.

Jan 4 2020 11:13PM by Pauline

Just come back from a very pleasant and enjoyable evening at the Plymouth Arms thank you all 12 of you for your companionship, this was put on the events page by Linda,( rather than word of mouth that happened at another event, which a lot of other people didn't know about,) and a reminder of what Welsh widows and Widowers is all about. Company, understanding,comradeship, and a great way of spending a Saturday night instead of 4 walls which is appreciated by all.

Jan 12 2020 04:54PM by malcolm

jersey beats are back in rumney legion fri march 13th last time they were here the event was a sellout I got 24 tickets but six were too late I will get the tickets at six pounds each so don't delay

Jan 17 2020 09:27PM by peter O'neill

Some Info on the Earl haig club, if anyone is interested [ for those Not going for The Meal ] there is a group in the main hall called ACAB, some of us
have seen this group before . £6 Tel. 20 626015 .doors open 1930.,
just thought I would mention IT,, If any one goes let me know what it was like..

Jan 19 2020 11:34AM by Liz

Good mention Pete about an alternative to the meal on Saturday . Hope everyone who went enjoyed themselves .

Jan 22 2020 02:51PM by Liz diaz

A few of us are going to Bosan in Albany Rd on Frid evening for a Chinese
If you fancy it please join us . All welcome if you're at a loose end,please ring up the Restraunt and book your table . Cheers !

Jan 22 2020 02:53PM by Liz diaz

Sorry going about 7 pm x

Jan 22 2020 04:31PM by Dianne

Tickets still available for Earl Haig £6.50 on Saturday 25 January. Event is raising funds for a community defibrillator. Chris and I will be there. Anyone else going? Dianne

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