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  • How do i make an account on WelshWidows?
    1. Click the "Sign Up/Login" button at the top-right of the website 2. Enter your Email address and choose a password for your account 3. All done! You now have an account on
  • How do i customise my profile on WelshWidows?
    1. Click your Email Address on the top-right of the website 2. Click the "My Account" option 3. Enter any information you would like to add to your account and click the "Update Info" button at the bottom of the screen 4. To change your profile picture and display name, click the 3 dots on the left side of the screen and click the "Edit Profile" option 5. Click the large grey circle to change your profile picture. 6. Fill in your name in the text box below your new profile picture 7. Click Save 8. Your name and new profile picture will now be visible at the top-right of the website and visible to other members on the "Members" page
  • How do i add a Profile Picture to my comments?
    1. Click the grey square next to your message to set your profile picture 2. Enter your name in the "Your Name" box to set your Display Name 3. Type your comment into the "Leave A Message" box 4. Click the "Comment" button to save your Profile Picture, Name and Comment 5. Your Name and Profile Picture is now saved and will be used for all of your future comments. If you want to change your Profile Picture you can use the "Logout" button seen in the picture below and repeat the proccess

Frequently Asked Questions

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